Not doctors. Not hormones. Not the government. Not you.

I changed my gender markers and my name, legally, nine years ago, though that is not when my transition “began.”

I received my first shot of testosterone 10 years ago this June, though that is not when my transition “began.”


The Invention of Gender

The story of trans people is as old as time — so why have we been written out of history books?

When TIME magazine put Laverne Cox on their cover in 2014, (somewhat infamously) declaring that year “the transgender tipping point,” the notion that visibility itself leads to social change sparked a debate that’s, frankly, never stopped.

And for good reason: According to the HRC, 2020 was the deadliest year on…

It turns out we don’t do our best work in hypercompetitive, ‘Game of Thrones’–style environments

SSince the #MeToo movement ignited a national outcry about the rampant sexual harassment and abuse in industries from film and television to politics, workplaces have been much more attuned to the way “traditional” (some might say “toxic”) socialized masculinity can contribute to gender inequality, bias, and sexual misconduct.

But even…

Outfielder Cameron Maybin’s ‘hugs for homers’ challenges traditional notions of masculinity, and experts say that’s a very good thing

Cameron Maybin is hitting a solid .284 for the Yankees, but the outfielder’s most winning contribution to his team is the hugs he delivers in the dugout.

After each homerun, players walk through the dugout getting high fives, then get one last reward: a warm embrace from Maybin. …

My feminist mother taught me to speak up. Now, as a trans man, I am trying to make space for women to be heard.

A few months after I began injecting testosterone, I discovered that one of the startling new privileges of my male body was that I could silence an entire room just by opening my mouth.

Despite the fact that my voice pitched baritone low, when I spoke, people didn’t just listen…

Thomas Page McBee

Writer exploring the relationship between gender, culture, and history. Most recent book: Amateur (Scribner). Essays/reporting: NYT, The Atlantic, GQ, more.

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